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3 Euro bellen

Alle bestemmingen bellen voor maar 3 euro per maand!!
super lage tarieven bij 3eurobellen.nl

The following destinations you can reach through 3eurobellen.nl

In the table below, the destinations are shown with the maximum amount of minutes for 3 Euro a month.
Please notice, this is for each destionation on it's own. For example: you call 250 minutes to destination A, with a Fair Use Policy of 500 minutes. This means you can whether call for the rest of the month 250 minutes to destination A, OR call 500 minutes to destination B, with a Fair Use Policy of 1000 minutes.

NOTE that the destinations list below may change regularly due to price fluctuations. Despite that we try to keep the page up-to-date as much as possible, it may occur that a destination is (temporarily) not attainable. When you are unable to call to one of the destinations below, please send a message to the customer support.