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3 Euro bellen

Alle bestemmingen bellen voor maar 3 euro per maand!!
super lage tarieven bij 3eurobellen.nl

Is it possible to link my number to 3eurocalls?

Yes, this is very easy. You can link your number to your entrancenumber.


What amount will be charged?

3eurocalls only charges 3 euro a month (included VAT). For this amount you can call unlimited to international destinations, within the Fair Use Policy.
To view which destinations you can call, click on the 'destinations' tab in the menu.
For our geographic numbers it could be that your provider charges you. This depends on your subscription with your own telecom provider.


I can not reach a certain destination, how come?

3eurocalls does use several telecom providers to rout telephone traffic through different countries. We are always busy with selecting the right providers for all those countries.

The crew of 3eurocalls is always monitoring telecom traffic and adjusting it if necessary. It may occur, however, that you can not call a destination and we are not yet aware of this issue. We kindly request you to report to us if you can not reach a destination. 

Usually the problem can be quickly solved. You will be able to call without any problems in a matter of minutes. If this is the case, we will not send a replying email. If there are any other reasons why it would take longer then a couple of minutes to solve the problem, we will contact you with more information about the issue.


I can't make a call? Where can I report a malfunction?

You can report a malfunction by sending an email to: info@3eurobellen.nl.

Please describe your problem thoroughly. The more information we obtain, the better we can help you. If you have other questions, not related to malfunctions, you are of course also welcome to contact us.